Today Asian style picnic lunch... hey, you know, we come from a big city!!
Today Asian style picnic lunch… hey, you know, we come from a big city!!
Ok, I admit these are not exactly super productive days. You could blame it on the picnic lunch we had (asian style, well it’s not that we ALWAYS eat healthy stuff…) under a beautiful winter sun, the wind blowing among the leaves of our small wood (just imagine the sound for a while…) and the view before our eyes, what a lazy mood… And maybe, could we arrive just a bit earlier in the morning, it wouldn’t be bad, but let’s not talk about family organization!






So… We were at the demolition of the concrete stripe on the façade.

We were at this point...
We were at this point…
 The job made by hand is RATHER hard, we immediately realized… as a result, the following week we came back with a fabulous brand new loan: a demolition mallet! Daniele’s dream. The work resulted much faster, and even more precise. Well this was just a testing tool, and so: purchase approved, we buy the mallet! Second hand, obviously.

Job done!
Job done!
One interesting aspect was discovering many architectural details hidden under the plaster, Daniele almost digged out a door on the stairs outside, which in origin led to the basement. Wonder how many discoveries of this kind we could make, taking off  all the plaster from the façade?? For now we’ll be left in doubt, because taking off the plaster from the whole façade would be rather expensive, I can say it with certainty even if we don’t have budgets calculated yet, and it certainly is not among the most urgent works.

No more boiserie!!! And please look at Mr. Minestrone...
No more boiserie!!! And please look at Mr. Minestrone…

On the other hand I dealt with that wonderful fake plastic boiserie, that used to cover the lower part of the kitchen and  of the living room walls. In the Seventies (a rather likely date of the hideous restyling), as we noticed several times, it seems it was common to cover or ruin beautiful original details, we saw many houses where the last renovations had completely hidden the most characteristic parts, such as the poor, mistreated cotto floors. Unfortunately in this house there are many examples of such works, I’m thinking of the fake wood linoleum covering the red cotto floor in one bedroom, or the fake wood tiles that in another bedroom replaced the original floor, or the so-called “minestrone” (translated, vegetable soup) typical of our grandparents’ houses or, also the first flight of the stairs, where the stone steps were replaced with a perfect square-shaped stone, that makes it sooooo “city suburbs building”. What a pity! There are some floors we shall restore, others will be remade anew, and luckily in the garage we found some original materials dropped off. At least they were wise, them grandparents!

To take off the boiserie we used… hands… and a stiff spatula, and a  mallet where plastic was nailed down to the wall. A thousand nails were taken off, some addled stucco parts were scratched out, this is what is left, a scraped wall… and I like it… I know I’m insane, or maybe I’m reading too many design magazines, (well, I should say I’m watching them)! I’m already dreaming about a super cute kitchen, a mix of contemporary/vintage style, but somebody might not agree…

Scraped wall, a passion... Why???
Scraped wall, a passion… Why???
Certainly, in order to carry out safely all these works, we equipped with the most common protection aids: thick protective gloves, protective masks and glasses, stiff boots. Still, however, from backache no protection found…

We didn’t give up our moment of break, useful so that we could go on a first walk in the wood, now uncultivated and abandoned. In origin this plot of land was not a wood, the previous owner said. There had to be a vineyard, some fruit trees, and a vegetable garden somewhere. But now wild trees have grown everywhere, we think they are acacia trees, even if only observing the bark it’s not easy to say it, and the boxwood took hold of the rest. Cutting some branches here and there, we opened a passage, in the first part the slope is a bit steep but afterward the ground becomes smoother. We definitely shall have to find a solution to make the access to this part easier! Oh, the fruit trees are still there, so good!

The day flew away, as usual. Though, I can’t end without the picture of an amazing view… Goodbye…

Mist on Monferrato hills
Mist on Monferrato hills
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