Such a warm winter sun, fields to the horizon, nothing better than this to enjoy the journey that every week end drives us to our little house on the hills. One hour fifteen minutes driving from Milan, but if we protract a bit more our travel we cross the Lomellina area, boundless farming fields, the Alps on the right side, with its majesty Monte Rosa, while on the left side we can distinguish the Monferrato hills  and behind, possibly, the Ligurian Alps. What a dramatic view!

Perfect soundtrack for the journey: Pearl Jam’s “Lightning bolt”.

Monferrato hills and the Alps
Monferrato hills and the Alps

Aside from postcards, it’s time to talk about renovation. But I must go one step backward: at the beginnig of 2015 we finally entered our new house as owners, but the previous month we had already contacted a design studio in order to outline the functions of the various spaces. Bringing into focus the many requirements we had to satisfy was fundamental, as well as trying to foresee all the ways we could use each space. In fact, even though we don’t want to renovate everything immediately, trying at least to prearrange each room for their future destination should make things easier when we get started with the works.

Introducing our new house on the hills
Introducing our new house on the hills
So, on the 2nd of January our technician accompanied us to the house, so that he could complete a field survey: he was very accurate, but for us it was a good occasion to talk about the works we could start making by ourselves. In effect, we aim at making most works on our own, so we can dedicate our budget for the works that must compulsorily be made by a renovating contractor.

Besides checking the plumbing and the chimney, so that we could use water and the fireplace, the technician suggested us to start with:

  • demolishing  the concrete frame at the feet of the external façade;
  • tearing off the fake plastic boiserie covering both kitchen and living room walls;
  • tearing off the wallpaper at the entrance and on the bedroom walls;
  • eliminating the linoleum covering the beautiful antique cotto floor of one of the bedrooms;
  • tearing various frames and skirting boards off of walls.

Well, the first day we were not so efficient, I limited myself to trying to wipe off the shutters outside, all covered with spiderwebs and all kinds of small beasts… I know it may seem useless, but the point is: me or spiders! Moreover, the advantage of winter stands in the fact that most of these lovely bugs are sleepy or not so alive, so that getting rid of them seems a bit easier now. I don’t want to imagine getting rid of a wasps nest or beehives when the dwellers are in activity! But it will take some time.

And at the end of the day, we sketched out a shopping list, oh I love making lists ;P ! From garbage sacks, broom and shovel to plumbing equipment, paper sellotape, small mallet and chisel, I mean everything we required to start works, so a little shopping! We visited a DIY shop in the area, and the good thing is they sell stuff that in a city would be nonsense… how cool!




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"Si vive una volta sola" "Errare è umano, perseverare è diabolico" Saranno citazioni banali, il fatto è che siamo persone che non si accontentano, che non amano "sopravvivere" senza porsi troppe domande, perciò a un certo punto abbiamo iniziato ad applicarle. Considero la mia famiglia, questo pianeta e le sue meraviglie un dono inestimabile, impossibile quindi pensare di ridurre il tempo che ci è dato a un ripetersi noioso di giorni e ore, impegni e doveri, che magari neanche ci interessano. Vogliamo fare di ogni momento una scelta consapevole, vivere pienamente ogni cosa che facciamo e sentirla nostra. Con i nostri grandi progetti stiamo semplicemente lavorando per trasformare la nostra vita in qualcosa che ci assomigli davvero!

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